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Tow Truck Near Me Battery Boost Service is an on-demand roadside assistance service that is extremely useful for drivers who have a dead or drained car or truck battery. Our drivers use the most up-to-date technology to provide the most dependable battery boost service for any vehicle in Toronto.

Battery Boost Service


Prompt Response

We always respond promptly whenever you request our battery boost services online or by phone.


Available 24/7

Our services are available 24/7. If you need emergency battery boost services, we always have a technician ready and waiting.


Professional Rapport

Our high skilled technicians can professionally provide you with roadside assistance for all vehicles.


Affordable Services

We provide battery boost services for all vehicles at a minimum cost. Our combination of cost and service cannot be beaten by anyone else in town.



Our battery boost services are available for all vehicles and locations regardless of where your vehicle is parked.


Value Added Services

Along with our battery boost services, we provide free vehicle maintenance services as well so that your vehicle does not remain defective.

questions about jump starting a car

[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”What is Jump Start?”]

Jump start which is sometimes referred to boost, is a method of starting up a car or a motorcycle for a dead or discharged battery. 


[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”When do I require a Jump Start / Battery Boost?”]

You will need this service, when you try to start-up your car or motorcycle, but your battery is too low to give enough power for the engine to crank (for your car to start).


[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”How to avoid this from happening? “]

If your car does not have a voltage indicator, you can:

  • Purchase a regular digital multi-meter and test your battery two to three times a year. The average voltage for regular sedans, SUV’s, and pick up trucks is about 12.7 Volts when the car engine is off and 13~15 Volts when the engine is running. You can also check in your neighborhood for mechanics as some offer free battery test service as part of their program.
  • You can buy a battery charger and recharge your battery at home. 
  • Make sure the battery terminal connections are always clean. (any accumulation around them is a sign that your battery is not operating at its best). You can use small brushes to remove any corrosion or accumulation on the terminals. And make sure the terminal lugs are tight and secured properly around the terminals.
  • Avoid or don’t keep your headlights or lights inside your car on while your car is off. 
  • Avoid charging your mobile using the car outlets while your car is off.
  • Buy yourself a good quality jump start or booster cables and keep them in the trunk of your car. You never know when they’ll be handy. You can also help family members or friends in need of a battery boost one day.



[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”How do I know that my battery is running low or about to die?”]

Most cars have an indicator in the gauge cluster in front of you which shows you the health of the battery. In some cars, it only shows a blinking icon of a battery when the battery is about to die. Another indication for you which is extremely noticeable is when you try to start your car, but takes longer time than usual to start. 


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