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[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”How much does it cost to get my car towed?”]

The rate for a tow truck depends on a lot of factors. The municipality, the distance, the vehicle type, accidents and winching impact the price. Some towing services are as low as $60 and some can cost more than $400 but most tow trucks charge between $170 and $250.


[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”How long does it take for a tow truck driver to arrive?”]

The reaction time of the tow truck depends on the site of the crash or when the accident happened. If the car is on the highway, it will take about 15 minutes to react properly. If the driver is in a protected location (because you are not in imminent danger) and the car is not obstructing traffic, the waiting time can be longer, about 20 to 25 minutes.


[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”Can a tow truck driver give you a ride?”]

Of course! Our drivers are dedicated towards helping you in your time of need and will make sure that you get exactly where you need to be after your accident.


[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”Can I get a cheap tow truck rate?”]

Of course, you can always shop around and try to find the best rate. However, our tow drivers are priced competitively and are professionally trained and licensed and can make sure to:



[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”My car has been towed, who do I call?”]

The local police will have information on where your vehicle is. Don’t call 911, use a non-emergency line.


[expand tag=”h4″ trigclass=”noarrow” title=”How do you avoid getting scammed by tow truck drivers?”]

There are lots of tow truck drivers out there trying to rip you off. Make sure:

  1. The tow truck is licensed and ask to see the driver’s license.
  2. Ask to see a breakdown of all the fees.
  3. Contact your insurance company first before getting towed.
  4. Before your car gets hooked up make sure you know which body shop it’s going to.
  5. A good tow truck driver will make you feel comfortable.