What to Know About Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Heavy Duty tow trucks are specially equipped to pull a vehicle that is parked in an unwanted place. You must have seen vehicles that are parked in a no-parking place, and the truck which is used to pull those vehicles is known as a Heavy Duty Towing Trucks. Other times the vehicle is damaged due to some mishap or accident, therefore a special tow truck is needed.

Nonetheless, a heavy-duty tow truck is different from that one used to transport vehicles simultaneously and there are five types of general equipment that are used in heavy-duty tow trucking, depending upon what size of vehicle you need to tow, which are as follows: 

  1. Wheel-lift – the equipment is evolved with a chain and hook to produce large metal yokes that need to be fitted under the front and rear wheels to cradle. The medium and heavy trucks use the variation underlies or wheel-lift, which lifts the axle and not the wheels. 
  1. Boom-booms are used with a winch to recover vehicles from a ditch, or from anywhere, where the vehicle cannot reach safely. Some of the booms use A-frames whereas some are fixed, a boom can completely and effectively rotate, making a tow truck turn into a mobile crane.
  1. Tilt-tray- also known as flatbed is used to keep things that need to be slid to the ground, these are fully capable of keeping vehicles as they can completely slide to the ground. Not only can you use it to tow vehicles but it can be easily used to tow immobile vehicles and damaged cars. 
  1. Snatcher- snatcher is used to towing light-duty trucks, like for the vehicles that are illegally parked in an area. You will not even need to exit the truck for hooking up the vehicle, you will have control from inside the cab, and without any inconvenience, you will be able to perform the tasks easily, many heavy-duty trucks also have the integrated lift.
  1. Lift-flatbed- these use a wheel-lift to lift the vehicle vertically and load it on the lifted. These are the most commonly used by people, however, not exclusively. These come in different sizes and weight categories. 

In a world full of technology, transport, and tracking, there’s no time to waste. We are all looking for the most efficient and best experience. So whenever you are considering taking heavy-duty tow trucking services, you should consider some of the points listed below for a smoother experience.

Hire a tow truck service that is reliable and responds immediately to your emergencies. So, in case your vehicle stops working on you, just one call, at any point of the day should be enough to solve your problems. 

You must check if the company you are hiring has a license and takes care of your vehicle properly because using services that do not follow proper rules might lead to future problems. 

Use professional services because after hiring a reliable service with trained staff, can offer some other high quality, professional services as well such as good machines and quality equipment. 


The best thing with hiring heavy duty towing trucks services is that they are fully aware of what is needed in order to get the job completed. All of our trucks come prepared for the job so there is no delay when it comes to servicing your vehicle. Eliminating all doubts about the safety of your vehicle, your wallet and most importantly your well-being. If you need heavy duty tow trucking services give us a call, we are here for you 24/7.